♥ Chapter 7

After a long hot shower and the pain killer kicking in, I feel much better. Now I only need to figure out what I will do before Ace comes tonight. I get a bit nervous by that thought. Maybe cleaning up the place a bit is a start. It’s a huge mess in here, I always work on too many projects at the same time. Usually I feel better after I cleaned up a bit. Sorta like therapy, clean house, cleaned up mind.

While I’m trying to clean up the place I’m finding way to many things I was working on. I always start excitingly on projects and then loose inspiration to go on. Most of my work get’s abandoned, I should just get back to it and finish it! Maybe cleaning is good for something anyway. I sort my stuff out by what is finished, can go into trash or what I can still finish. I pick up my phone to check if I have any messages, but I don’t. I open my text screen and wanna text Ace. But then I remember he’s sleeping. Maybe better to not text him at all. And what did I wanna text him anyway?

I didn’t notice how much time passed by until I hear someone knocking on my door. I look at my phone to check the time. It’s already evening! Damn, time does fly when you are busy. I open my door and it’s Ace, he’s standing there with a bunch of bags. Then I smell food, and my stomach starts to make noise. Ace starts to laugh, ‘I already thought you forgot to eat, so I got us some dinner.’ I start to laugh too, he know me way to good, whenever I am busy, I forget to eat.
‘Thank you.’ I say smilingly, ‘You know me, always forget to eat when I’m in the zone.’ I feel much better now that he is here and brought food. I was so clueless on what to do when he would be here finally.

He brought way to much food though, he all unpacked it and put it on the table. This is way to much for just two people. ‘How are we gonna eat all that?’ I ask him in awe.
‘Uhm, I wasn’t sure what you wanted, so I just got stuff I know you would like!’ He says so happy, but yet, there’s something else… ‘Let’s eat together now.’ He’s already sitting on the sofa, and waiting for me to sit down.
‘Wait, we need something to drink as well, I’ll get some.’ And I rush to the kitchen. Why do I feel awkward to go sit next to him and make an excuse to run to the kitchen. I quickly get us some drinks and take a deep breath. Let’s just do this, it’s just Ace, I tell myself. I walk back and go sit next to him, he already started eating, I guess he’s just as hungry as I am. I’ll give him his drink and I start eating as well.
‘Were you able to catch a bit of sleep?’ I ask him.
‘Yeah, I was knocked out as soon as I layed down.’ He smiles at me.
‘I’m glad you did,’ I nod my head, ‘You looked like you needed it.’ I keep on eating while I try not to think much about what we have to talk about.
‘And you look like you can still use a bunch of sleep.’ He pokes me with his arm. Suddenly the floor is very interresting.
‘I guess so. I still don’t feel to well, was I out long? Last night?’ I really wanna know, I kinda feel like it was longer as normal, maybe I need to go see a doctor. My head hurts so much.
‘No, you were’t out that long, just a few minutes or so.’ He says with his mouth full of food.
‘Ah, Okay.’ I reply. Though a few minutes? Is that even normal? I’ll decide to look it up later. For now I just wanna enjoy the food he brought. I kinda wanna eat all, he really pays attention whenever we buy food. I love all that’s on the table now. I stuff my face like crazy, as if I hadn’t had food for days. Well..Maybe I didn’t eat so well the last few days. A stupid smile comes at my face, I am so happy he’s my friend. And at that moment, Ace looks at me as if I am crazy.