♥ Chapter 4

‘I know… I should have told you, and probably took you along with me to practice so you could have met them all.’ He says a bit shy now. How can he be shy?! He never is, like NEVER. ‘But two of my team mates you’ve met, Lice and Kylo, Right?!’

I try to stop crying and calm down, it’s hard to take this in. I try to answer him, but my words are stuck in my throat. I feel stupid standing here, crying, while he is holding my hand, still. Then he let go… I wanna turn around, but I feel him very close suddenly, I hold my breath for moment and then… he puts his arms around me.
I let my breath go, not aware I was holding it so long. I… am… confused? Why does he suddenly hug me? No matter how many times I cried with him nearby, he never hugged me like this. Only hugged me like friends would. What does this mean, above all of what happened today. I feel his body warmth and it makes me feel good somehow.

‘Why are you shaking? Are you cold?’ He asks.
I try to dry my tears. ‘Yes’ not able to say more, I don’t trust my voice. He stops hugging me and turns me around.
‘Come, we go to your appartment, you have to get warm before you get sick.’ I let him take me to my room, he’s holding my hand again. Usually I would feel like a little kid when he does that, but now… I am not able to do something about it.

Before I know it we are at my appartment. ‘Where are your keys?’ He asks when I don’t make a move to grab them.
‘In my bag’ I look for them, of course they are burried under all my stuff, so it takes a while to find them. I noticed I stopped crying, but not sure how to feel right now, I feel numb. I finally found my keys, and when I pull the out of my bag, Ace grabs them. I don’t know if he’s in a rush or that he just knows I won’t be able to open the door.

Finally inside, I feel lost in my own home. I’m just standing there, not sure what to do.
‘Thank you for bringing me home.’ I say, ‘You can go home now as well.’ But instead of walking to the door to go home, he walks to my bathroom, I hear him open the tap of my bath. He’s gonna run me a bath. WAIT! What’s his plan?! I feel panic rising, just go home please, I can do this myself! He comes out again.
‘Your bath is running, I’ll go home now.’ He says. I suddenly feel light in my head.