♥ Amigurumi Others

Here are all the Amigurumi Patterns that didn’t fit in the other Categories I made, so I put them under ‘Others’. They are all still very cute and don’t wanna be left out!

I have listed them on Alphabetical order so you can easily find them. Simply click the link to go to the pattern.

CNY Mouse

♥ CNY Mouse

2020 is the year of the Rat/Mouse!


♥ Dibo

Funny weird creature that’s way to active.

♥ Dilly Duck

This one of the My Blue Nose Friends Characters, I probably will make more, but for now this is the only one.

Birthday CupCake with Naughty Dragon

♥ Dragon’s Cupcake

Cause it was my Birthday that day, I gave you this cute pattern. ♥

♥ Elephant

Cute and tiny.

♥ Floral Dolphin

Little gift for summer!

Ice Cream Cactus

♥ Ice Cream Cactus

A plant you don’t have to take care of and it won’t melt, but still looking delicious, don’t eat it tho! xD


♥ BerryCat

Little fruities that will make you smile!

♥ Gnome Face

My grandpa asked me if I could make something like this, so why not share it with you as well. xD


♥ Hearty

It’s a real sweetheart, probably good to give around Valentines Day!

♥ Pikachu in Umbreon Sleeping Bag

Love pokemon?! This is cute right?!

♥ Plant Pots

The base of these plant pots are very easy to make, yet so cute.

♥ Plant Pots, Sanseviera

This plant is very easy to take care of! It will never die!

♥ Plant Pots, String of Pearls

This plant is a bit harder to crochet, but I love it!

♥ Plant Pots, Ivy

Who doens’t love Ivy?!

♥ Oranje

Made this for Kingsday! Litterally everything will turn Orange with a hint of Red, White and Blue.

♥ Shiber

I love ATEEZ and this is a remake of his plush, sorta xD.

Strawberry Sea Bunny

♥ Strawberry Sea Bunny

Who doesn’t love Sea Slugs?! Have you ever looked up pictures?!

♥ Succulent Heart

Perfect to give as a little gift.