♥ Amigurumi Ufufy

♥ Donald & Friends

♥ Donald & Daisy Duck

This Lovely couple can’t be missed in this ufufy collection!

♥ Pluto

He’s just adorable and needs a pattern here!

♥ Winnie the Pooh & Friends

♥ Winnie The Pooh

Can’t have Pooh without his honey pot, right?!

♥ Piglet

You can’t have pooh without Piglet, Right?!

♥ Mickey & Friends

Mickey Ufufy

♥ Mickey

The all time favorite, can’t leave him out!

Minnie Ufufy

♥ Minnie

What’s Mickey without Minnie?! So here she is!

♥ Snow White

♥ 7 Dwarfs

Started with Dopey, ended up with 7!

Dopey Ufufy

♥ Dopey

The start of the Snow White Ufufy Patterns!

♥ Overige

♥ Dumbo

I think Dumbo is still one of my favorites.

♥ Marie

An all time favorite from the Aristocat’s movie!