♥ Chapter 1

It’s already 12?! I’m shocked, I lost track of time, Again! I’ve been for hours at this cafe. There’s almost no-one left, only staff, some guy and me. I know I should go home, but this really needs to get finished. *sigh, the deadline is approaching way to fast,there’s not enough time!

It starts to rain outside, I love rain and wanna go out of this stuffy cafe. Slowly I finish my, now cold, tea, while finishing of some last bits of work.
That guy is annoying me now, somehow. I think I have seen him around before, not to sure… But he is staring at me, and that makes me so nervous.
“Let him please stay here” I mumble. Scared that he will leave with me. He’s quit handsome though, but there is something over him, that I don’t trust completely…

I gather my stuff and put my jacket on. I’m so glad I have it with me, today, it was quit nice outside, but I had the feeling it would chance in the evening. Those unpredictable spring days.
I’ve made it way to late today, again. I know I shouldn’t be out on the streets at this hour, in the rain. No-one will be there right now. I can hear my mom yelling at me already “I told you not to go out in the middle of the night! It’s dangerous!”

I walk to the door and secretly check if that guy is still there, he’s not. I start to panic, where is he? I didn’t see him leave. I don’t dare to look around if he’s still in the cafe and I try to walk through the door like nothing is going on.

Ah, rain. I’m standing still with my face up to the sky, eyes closed, the touch of raindrops to my skin, I love this sense. For a second I forgot that guy, but he’s back in my mind again, well more that sensation he gives me, returned. At least he’s not here, not right now. Let’s walk home fast, It’s just a few streets, and I am probably imagening things. Hopefully nothing happens. In a few minutes I’ll be home…

I keep looking over my shoulder, that weird feeling doesn’t go away. Like I get followed, not that guy, please. Let me just go home without any trouble! Then I see someone, I think, I saw something moving but it’s not there anymore. Am I going crazy?! I keep my stuff closer and walk a bit faster. I should have called a cab. I always realize that to late and for a few streets, I can easily walk that by myself. But… Maybe not in the middle of the night.
I look behind me and see movement again. I am definitly not going crazy, there is someone. I text Ace to come and get me, I am way to scared that something will happen now. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I freak out. *Let it be Ace* I pray. It can’t be Ace, that’s too soon. I feel all sweaty, I can barely breath, when I turn around… it’s not him, it’s that guy! OMG, what do I do now?!
‘he- hello’ I stutter.
‘You left this at the cafe, I thought you wanted it back, but you left so quickly’ the guy said.
‘Oh, eh, thank you’ I take back my scarf. ’that’s nice of you’ I mumble. I didn’t even realize I had a scarf with me, but it is definitely mine. Is my memory gon that bad or did it just magically appear. Now I think about it, I guess I haven’t had this scarf for some time now. This is weird.
‘My name is CaoYuan btw’ he said laughing at me. Probably because of my red face and nervous reaction. I don’t know what to do, I wanna go home so badly now, I’m scared of him.
‘Ah’ I nod my head. ‘I have to go home now, thank you once again’ I turn around and start walking. Hoping he is not going after me. Ace should come soon, it’s not that far. Unless.. he was practicing, like always. practicing, like always.