♥ Chapter 3

‘CoaYuan, you mean CaoYuan?’He starts to laugh even harder. I don’t understand why he is laughing so hard. I push him away.
‘What’s so funny?! I’m angry now. ‘Yes, I think that’s his name.’ He does know him… why does he know such a scary person?! This is not funny at all, I was scared to death.
‘He’s one of my team mates.’ He’s still laughing like something to funny happened.
‘WHAT?! How is that possible?!’ I’m shocked. ‘How didn’t I know that?!’ I’m screaming at him by now. ‘I know you for years now and I don’t even know who your team mates are?! Gosh.’ I turn around and walk inside the building. I’m so done with him right now. Does that guy know me? Has Ace talked about me? Is that why he kept looking at me?

Ace comes after me, not laughing anymore but has still that sexy smirk around his lips. ‘Hé, calm down, I promise I won’t laugh anymore.’ He grabs my hand. Gently, with his other hand, he grabs my chin and makes me look at him. I close my eyes for a second, his hands are so soft. The look in his eyes, slightly amused but also something else I don’t completely get. ‘I can explane why you don’t know him.’ He keeps looking at me and I start to calm down, but at the same time, tears are trying to escape my eyes and I wanna look away, but I can’t.

‘CaoYuan is… different. As you probably noticed is he not quit the regular boy out there. Usually he has his own plan, only when he needs to be there, he is.’ I can’t hold back my tears anymore and turn away from him. He is still holding my hand, so I can’t walk away.

‘I… I didn’t know.’ I say sniffing. ‘But I feel like you should have… at least told me who your team mates are.’ I realize that it’s also my fault. He only made me listen to their music but I never asked more. Or I didn’t even searched them on the internet. While I know, this is Ace’s life. I feel like I don’t know him at all..