♥ FanFic

First, you need to know I have never written a Fan Fiction before, so I am quit nervous posting this. Also English is not my first language, so there can be errors, let me know if you find some, so I can fix it.

I decided to write one, because I love to write I just never do stuff with it. And some time ago, on Instagram someone asked, ‘if you would write a FanFic, about who would it be?!’ And Immediatly Team Spark popped into my mind. I know, well as far as I know, there are no english FanFic’s about Team Spark.

At first I didn’t know where to start… there are so many ways you can go. So in the end I just started, I will release chapters one by one. Not sure when, I guess just when I feel to.
For now I just post it to my website and no where else. Maybe I will later.

Team Spark

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