♥ My First 3 Art Dolls

I wanted to make poseable art dolls for… forever now. When I found out about wood-splitter-lee (Lee Cross) her work, I just fell in love. The idea to make an artdoll that you can pose, just wow *_*. (All her works are amazing tho, you should check her work out!).

All those years I started making heads, but I came never further xD. I just didn’t know how and the polymer clay was just to hard to work with for me (They recently changed the quality of Fimo soft, it’s much softer now and I’m able to work with it comfortably).

So the beginning of this year I saw a video of Lee Cross, making one of her art dolls. Everything just fell into place, all those things I thought off, how to make a poseable art doll, is the way she makes them as well!! And that was the moment I finally had the currage to finish one of the heads I started long ago.

After a night dreaming of making poseable art dolls

♥ Beessie

After a night dreaming of making poseable art dolls, which often happens when I am way to excited about something. I woke up and started immidiatly. The first challenge was to paint the head. I never was really good with acryllics, but I refused to give up. And then I realized I had to make feet as well, so I did.

After making the base with wire and attached all the pieces, I decided to glue the faux fur around it. that went okay-ish, it looks absolutely adorable. ^-^ Well judge yourself:


But for my next art doll. I won’t use hot glue for the fur anymore. it feels just.. ehh xD.


♥ Pluis

My next project was for my grandma, she went through a lot and I really felt like she could use something cute and furry in her life. So I decided to make her a kitten. (she loves cats but my grandpa isn’t so nice to them.)
Sculpting the head and making the base for the body went pretty well, but since I didn’t want to glue the Faux fur around the body, I had to sew it. My next challenge. How do you do that with no pattern you can download of the internet? In the end I just decided to put the base of the body on a piece of paper, and draw around it. then re-draw that on the fabric, cut out twice and sew together. I realized that I actually needed a third piece for the belly,to get a 3D look xD. haha what a journey, well you can imagine!
Here’s how Pluis turned out:

My grandma is very happy with Pluis, it’s standing in the middle of the living room, seeing it daily! (She plays with poses too, Pluis stands differently from time to time ^-^)


♥ Fluffy

A new personal project. I actually drew this one before I even decided to make an art doll of it. But when I was done, drawing it on black paper, I knew it had to come to life!


When I realized I had only white fur to use, I first needed to do some searching online on how to paint Faux fur. Well that was a challenge, I couldn’t really find a good, clear tutorial on how to do that. So in the end, after procastinating for a long time… I decided to mix some acryllic paint with water, so it was really thin (combining some tutorials I saw) and just poor it over the fur. You can watch a video of me doing that here . I tried not to put too much water in there, but just enough to color the whole sheet of fur I needed. After that, a long proces appeared. the fur had to dry, but you know, when acryllic dries, it becomes one big sheet, not very furry at all, so you have to keep brushing the fur every now and then. You can let it air dry, but that takes forever~~ so I decided to grab a hairdryer and kept brushing and drying.. and that even took me about 3 hours *sigh*

Oh well, the colouring of the fur was worth it, it turned out like the colour I wanted! I was so happy it worked out!

Further I continued the process like the first two ^^.

So this was my first real blog post, I hope you liked reading it, or if you have tips, let me know!




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