♥ Chapter 5

I feel cold water in my face…Where am I, what’s happening? I open my eyes slowly, but there’s too much light to keep them open. My head hurts.
‘Open your eyes.’ says a very worried voice, who’s voice is that? ‘Please, open them again!’ Someone is touching my forehead. I don’t really understand what’s going on, why am I on the floor anyway, and soaked?

‘Come on, wake up’ I realize it’s a familiar voice, I must know him…wait… why is Ace here while my head hurts and I’m on the floor? I feel strong arms around me, lifting me from the floor. How long have I been on the floor? He holds me close to him, my whole body hurts now. He puts me down on the sofa, I think…it’s soft.
He tries to peel my soaked jacket off me, but I am not cooperating. I just wanna be left alone and sleep.
‘You need to get on some dry cloths, at least, please let me help you!’ He sounds frustrated and worried by now. I know he’s right, deep inside, but I feel so tired. I try to open my eyes again, it really hurts all those lights. ‘Turn…off…’ I mumble.
‘Hmm…Turn off what?’ He asks.
‘Li…Lights’ I can’t talk properly, I feel so cold. I hear him moving around to almost turn off all lights. Not all, I think, it’s not completely gon dark. I feel him close again, and try to open my eyes. He’s sitting in front of me, on the table. I notice that I’m home.

‘You fainted, and fell hard on the floor. I couldn’t catch you.’ I can see he feels sorry for not catching me. But that’s not his fault. Slowly I start to remember what happened.
‘Where is he? He’s not here, right?! I suddenly feel all panicky. I try to look around, which wasn’t a good idea. I close my eyes and put my hand on my head, trying to calm down the painful sensation.
‘Hey, are you okay?’ He comes sit next to me now, not sure what to do. ‘He’s not here, I haven’t even seen him tonight, remember?’ Right, that’s true, Ace wasn’t there yet when I met CaoYuan. I should calm down. ‘I wanna sleep’

‘Come, I’ll help you.’ He’s already trying to help me up. I let him, but at the same time I don’t want him to help me. I notice he’s still soaked as well, but has a towel around his neck. It seems like he tried to dry himself off as much as possible.
He walks me to my room and puts me down on my bed slowly.
‘Do I need to get you some dry clothes?’ He asks shyly, that’s the second time tonight.
‘No, I’m fine.’ I feel awkward now. I kinda don’t want him to go but at the same time… *Sigh.
‘Can you get me a towel maybe?’ He goes get one immediately. When he returns, he gives me one that soft and warm. I hold it to my face, closing my eyes, enjoying the feeling.
When I open my eyes, Ace is still in my room, he’s standing there, balancing on one foot to another, probably not sure what to do.
‘Go home Ace.’ I say softly. ‘Thank you for everything.’
‘Are you sure you are okay?’ He’s still worried, I can almost feel it.
‘Yeah… I guess so, I just wanna sleep.’ He still doesn’t leave, I’m probably not really convincing. And I know it’s true, I’m not feeling well at all. But it’s better if he goes to his own place.
‘You don’t want me to stay?’ I can barely hear him asking. ‘I can sleep on the sofa?’
My face turns red now. ‘No.’ I’m suddenly not so cold anymore. ‘I’ll call you if I need you.’ I wishper.