♥ Chapter 2

‘Hey, everything alright?’ He’s out of breath and all sweaty, he was definitely practicing and rushed to me after he saw my text. He didn’t even bother to put a jacket on. He runs his hand through his hair and he looks so good when he does that. But right now, it doesn’t do anything to me.
‘Yeah, I am now’ I say all shaky from what happened, even though I try to act like nothing is going on.
‘Are you sure?’ He puts an arm around me. ‘You don’t look like it.’ He always knows when I try to hide my real feelings.
‘yeah…no…There was this guy, staring at me, at the cafe where I was working. It just made me so nervous. And all of a sudden he started following me, and I got scared. That’s why I texted you and hoped you would come fast. But you weren’t fast enough. He caught up on me, giving my scarf back. Do you remember when I last had it?’ I ramble quickly, I don’t wanna relive it all again.
‘Hmm… I haven’t seen it for a while, but with all your mess, I often have that feeling’ he softly laughs. I guess I am that messy person who has way too much stuff. A smile comes on my face. Ace always knows how to cheer me up.

We walk back home, his arm still wrapped around me. By now, we are both pretty soaked, it started raining harder, I didn’t even notice that until now. But I don’t really care that I’m soaked. I’ll just take a hot shower when I am home, and a large cup of tea after.

I feel safe now that Ace is here. He always makes me feel comfortable. He’s always there for me, no matter what or when.
We are almost at our appartment building. Just a few more steps and we are inside. I don’t know what time it is by now, but I enjoy the rain for now and I am thankful it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve been crying for a bit now, and I hope, because of the rain, Ace won’t notice. What happened was a bit to much for me. I was already tired from this long, rushed day and then this. Sometimes everything happens all at once.
‘How did that guy look like?’ He suddenly asks, pulling me back into reality. That’s a good question, I was to busy freaking out and keeping myself together so no-one would notice.
‘Uhh… Pretty tall, long leather coat and his hair had two colors?! One side black and one side white’ More I can’t remember, my mind just went blank, like it doesn’t want me to know who he is.
‘Hmm… sounds like someone I know, do you know his name, did he say what it was?’ He’s a bit too curious, would he really know that guy that scares me?! I kinda hope he doens’t know him, I’ve never seen him around. Or… is that why he look familiar? And not because I had seen him at the cafe before?!
I’m searching my mind but there doesn’t ring any bell…wait.
He starts to laugh and I don’t understand what’s so funny.