♥ Amigurumi Tsum Tsum

Here you can find all the Tsum Tsum Patterns I made so far!
I listed them in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

If you miss any Tsum Tsum you would like to have a pattern for, just contact me here!

More Tsum Tsum’s can be found at my ♥ Christmas Countdown 2017!! 

♥ Baymax

Who doens’t love Baymax?! Everyone needs one!

Fluffy Easter Bunny Suit for TsumTsum

♥ Bunny Costume

A fun costume you can make for your Tsum!

Buzz Lightyear Tsum Tsum

♥ Buzz Lightyear

From Toy Story

♥ Donald Turning Tsum

A Tsum Tsum pattern that you can turn around, a regular Donald and a Halloween version! So much fun!

♥ Dumbo

I love Dumbo from when I was a kid, with his lovely big ears!

♥ Elsa

From Frozen! Well, who doesn’t know her?! xD

Flounder Tsum Tsum

♥ Flounder

From The Little Mermaid

♥ Jack Skellington

Of the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Maleficent Tsum Tsum

♥ Maleficent

Somewhat challenging to make, but so cute.. well maybe that’s not the right word for her. xD

♥ Mike Wazowski

Of Monsters Inc.

Mushu Tsum Tsum made of yarn. (Crochet)

♥ Mushu

From Mulan!

♥ Pua

This adorable character is of Disney’s Moana!

Stitch Tsum Tsum

♥ Stitch

Of Lilo and Stitch!

Sulley and Mike Tsum Tsum

♥ Sulley

Of Monsters Inc.

Squirt Tsum Tsum

♥ Squirt

From Finding Nemo.

Tigger Tsum Tsum

♥ Tigger

From Winnie The Pooh!

Tinkerbell Tsum Tsum

♥ Tinkerbell

Isn’t she lovely! Now I wanna watch the movies again!

Toy Story Alien TsumTsum made with the Amigurumi Technique

♥ Toy Story Alien

From Toy Story

Rolly Tsum Tsum

♥ Rolley

From the 101 Dalmations.