♥ About Me

I’m a creative spirit who loves to create new things constantly, I can’t stop thinking about new ideas.. they just keep coming, specially at the moment you really wanna sleep. Oh, my real name is Daniëlle.. I’m living in a small town in the Netherlands. I love going outside and see all the pretty things, the trees, the sky, the animals, etc. I often go outside when it rains, I actually don’t know why, just love it. And the best ideas can be found in nature anyway, well that’s at least my opinion.

I’m a self taught artist, I learn by seeing things and just trying… trial and error is the best way to see how things go. Somehow I always start the hard way xD after a while I finally figure out how things work, and then I’m bored of it cause it could have been much easier if you start where you actually have to start, oh well I guess I will never follow the rules ^^.

For me, crafting and drawing is my only way out, since I found out I’m chronically ill, my life changed. I really need and wanna do what I love, cause the moment I ignore what I want, the pain in my body gets worse. Even though, I often ignore it as well, to get things done. as we say in the Netherlands “eigen-wijs” haha.

Besides all that, I love to listen to Kpop (Korean pop music) but also Chinese and Thai groups. Here are some of my fav groups: M4M, Team Spark, B.A.P,  UNIQ, R1SE, Evo Nine and VAMP. You might wanna check them out haha ^^

So that was my lil story, and if you wanna know more, just ask me through the contact page ^^.


Ps. I am also a huge Plant and Book lover.