♥ About Me

I’m a creative spirit who loves to create new things constantly, I can’t stop thinking about new ideas.. they just keep coming, specially at the moment you really wanna sleep. Oh, my real name is Daniëlle and I’m 30 years young. I’m living in a small town in the Netherlands. I love going outside and see all the pretty things, the trees, the sky, the animals, etc. I often go outside when it rains, I actually don’t know why, just love it. And the best ideas can be found in nature anyway, well that’s at least my opinion.

I’m a self taught artist, I learn by seeing things and just trying… trial and error is the best way to see how things go. Somehow I always start the hard way xD after a while I finally figure out how things work, and then I’m bored of it cause it could have been much easier if you start where you actually have to start, oh well I guess I will never follow the rules ^^.

For me, crafting and drawing is my only way out, since I found out I’m chronically ill, my life changed. I really need and wanna do what I love, cause the moment I ignore what I want, the pain in my body gets worse. Even though, I often ignore it as well, to get things done. as we say in the Netherlands “eigen-wijs” haha.

Besides all that, I love to listen to Kpop (Korean pop music) but also Chinese and Thai groups. Here are some of my fav groups: M4M, Team Spark, B.A.P,  UNIQ, R1SE, Evo Nine and VAMP. You might wanna check them out haha ^^

So that was my lil story, and if you wanna know more, just ask me through the contact page ^^.


Ps. I am also a huge Plant and Book lover.