♥ Amigurumi; Spring/Easter

Here you can find all the free Amigurumi/Crochet patterns that are related to Spring and Easter! These are the ones I made so far.

They are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the title to go to the pattern. Enjoy them all!

♥ Baby Chicken

Adorable baby Chicken, it just screams Spring!

♥ Boho Duckling

Well, maybe he can go for Summer as well, but I just put him here

♥ Cat Bulb

A Bulb with a cute little twist.

♥ Easter Bunny

Cute little Bunny.

Fluffy Easter Bunny Suit for TsumTsum

♥ Easter Bunny Costume

Fun pattern for your Tsum Tsum’s!

Sakura Flower

♥ Sakura Flower

Quick and easy pattern to make and so adorable!

Sakura Ufufy

♥ Sakura Ufufy

Cute inspiration to give your ufufy pattern a fun twist!
Find more Ufufy Patterns on the Ufufy Page!

♥ Tulpje

Or Tulip in English!