♥ Amigurumi; Fall/Halloween

Here you can find all patterns that are related to Fall and Halloween! It’s one of my favorite seasons, so I always have plenty ideas around this time of year. I hope you’ll enjoy those patterns!

I have listed them in Alphabetical order, so you can find easily what you are looking for. Simply click the title to go to the right pattern.

♥ Autumn Spirit

The Spirit of Autumn is adorable, don’t you think?!

♥ Adorable Acorn

So cute to decorate your house with in Fall!

♥ Bat

Bat’s are scary?! Well not this one!

♥ Bunny Pumpkin

A pumpkin that’s just a little cuter!

Cat Ghost

♥ Cat Ghost

Fast pattern to make, and a huge plus that it’s so cute!

♥ Ghost

Funny little ghost, Made a series of them, together with a Witch and a Pumpkin!

Hiding Witches

♥ Hiding Witches

Yes, Shy witches excist as well xD.

Little Foxy

♥ Little Foxy

Fast pattern to make.

Mushroom Buddy

♥ Mushroom Buddy

Isn’t he adorable?!

♥ Pumpkin Ghost

Love this one, and it’s part of a little serie with a Ghost and a Witch.

Spidey Amigurumi Plush

♥ Spidey

Cute Spider for those who hate spiders, and the lovers of course!

♥ Witch Ghost

One of the ghost series, find the others as well! A ghost and a pumpkin!