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If you like to follow my activity on Social Networks, then check out the following links ^^

♥ Old Instagram: @Delinlea_Old
♥ Instagram: @Delinlea
♥ Bookstagram:
♥ Pinterest:
♥ Twitter:
♥ YouTube: www.youtube.com/Delinlea

♥ DeviantArt: delinlea.deviantart.com
♥ 3Dorigamiart.com: daantjuh3dg

Chinese sites; I’ve created some Chinese accounts so I can keep track on M4M and Team Spark, so Weibo is a microblogging site, a bit like Facebook and YouKu is simmilar to YouTube. Yeah, call me crazy, I can’t read or speak Chinese haha. My friends helped me to create those accounts.
♥ Weibo
: @delinlea
♥ YouKu: i.youku.com/delinlea

On instagram I post mostly my pictures of where I’m working on at the moment, so that link is probably the most interresting to check out!
have fun and start stalking me hahaha xD