♥ Chapter 6

Finally alone, I feel weird that I send Ace away. I really didn’t want him to go, but for now, for us both, I think it’s best he didn’t stay. I try not to think about it to much. I shiver. Better get myself some dry cloths and a lot of blankets. I need to sleep, what time is it anyway? Three in the morning! WHAT?! How long have I been out? It must have been a while, and when did Ace put that towel around his neck, I didn’t seen him doing that… okay, I should shut up and get into bed, tomorrow is another day with plenty of time to panic about everything.

When I wake up it’s about ten in the morning. *Sigh I should have stood up way sooner, there’s a bunch of stuff waiting for me to get finished.
When I start moving around my body feels all sore, and my head hurts a lot. How hard did I hit the floor last night?! I’m in high need of some tea and get some pain killers.

When I sit down with my hot cup of tea I hear a small knock on my door. That must be Ace, knowing him, he’s probably been checking all morning if I am awake. I wonder if he slept at all.
I slowly walk to the door and open it, it’s Ace indeed. He’s just standing there… not making a move to walk inside. I probably look like a huge mess, and he’s not sure if he should leave me alone. I take a deep breath.
‘Are you coming in or…’ I ask him tiredly. He usually walks in without me having to ask me. He knows he’s always welcome at my place. But maybe because of all what happened last night…

Everything starts to come back to me… everything that happened. CaoYuan, Ace hugging me, me fainting, Ace being all shy…
Now it’s my turn again to stand still in the middle of the room, Ace hasn’t said a word yet. He looks tired. I hope he’s doing fine, wait, shouldn’t he be at practice by now?!
‘How are you?’ He finally asks, pulling me back into reality.
‘I’m sore.’ my voice isn’t the best, maybe I have a cold. ‘And my head hurts, but I have slept well.’ I walk to the sofa and sit down next to Ace. I grab my tea and take a sip. ‘Do you want some tea as well?’ I try to act as normal as possible, but I am not completely sure how to do that again, now that Ace is around. Something changed.
‘Yeah, sure. I’ll grab it myself, you stay where you are. You don’t look well at all.’ Okay, it’s said, he always knows that I try to hide how I feel, proven once again.

When he comes back with his cup of tea I ask him ‘Shouldn’t you be a practice?’
He looks at me as he has seen a ghost. ‘No… yes… I cancelled.’ He looks at the floor. ‘I was too worried about you to fall asleep, so I practiced all night to keep myself busy.’ I kinda already knew, he looks like a mess. But I probably look even worse, I haven’t even showered yet. When I reallize that, I kinda wanna wrap myself in a blanket to hide myself and run to the bathroom. He can’t see me like this! I try to grab the blanket that’s on the other chair, without having to stand up. But my arms are to short, and struggle to get it. By the time I wanna give up and try to stand up, Ace already grabbed it.
‘Are you still cold? Or…’ he asks while handing over the blanket. I try to wrap myself in it as much as possible, it’s not the biggest blanket out there, rather small.
‘Not really…’ My face turns red again, looking at the floor, feeling so uncomfortable now, ‘I… just haven’t had the time to shower yet, after… everything. I don’t want you to see me like this’
‘But I already saw you now, what’s the point of suddenly wanna hide into a blanket?’ Yup, he’s right, what’s the point. I start to smile a bit.
‘I don’t know.’ I feel silly now. ‘I better finish my tea and go in to the shower. You can stay here if you want.’
‘No, I will go home and try to sleep a bit’ I feel relieved he will go home, but at the same time, there’s so much to talk about. ‘Maybe we can talk tonight?’ he asks, just what I was thinking, as if we shared the same thought.
‘I think that’s a good idea.’ I’m looking forward to see him again, but the reason I will see him, I’m not to sure about. I don’t know if I wanna know the truth, why have I never met his team mates? And it all started because of CaoYuan staring at me at the cafe.