♥ Fresh Start!

Hey lovelies!!

It’s been forever since I have been here! Thank you for those who are still here, and to those who are not anymore, that’s totally fine too.

All this time I was away, I just needed it for myself, work on some habits I wanted to get rid off and make some new, healthier habits. You know, that’s not easy at all haha. But I feel that I’m getting used to my healthier lifestyle. I still wanna add things to my life, like Yoga, but that will come with time. I can’t change my whole life at once, and I’m totally fine with that. Slowly I will get where I wanna be.

Even tho I struggled a lot, the past time. As well as with my health, as well physically. I found out about stuff I didn’t even realize and I got pretty sick. I’m not saying everything is fine now. But I’m so ready to move on. I’m slowly getting there, finding my path. I know what I want and I’m gonna work hard for that, but step by step.

I have so many plans for the future, and one of them is opening a Etsy shop and sell my crafts. I am making art-dolls lately, they turn out way to cute, how can I ever say bye to them?! But yeah, I know I have to sell most of them, cause my room is getting way to crowded with all those creatures XD. I’m sometimes worried that, when I’m away, they will give a party and leave a big mess in there..teehee.

I’m sometimes worried that, when I’m away, they will give a party and leave a big mess in there

I also decided to make a fresh start with Instagram, I have made a new account. I have been thinking about that for over a year now, but I didn’t dare to do it. I guess I was to attached to the followers I have and scared to loose them. But hey.. I can build that up again, and if you were following me already and wanna follow me along on my journey, definitely go follow me there, I promise you there will be better content, like stuff I wanna sell, behind the scenes, TSUM TSUMS xD, patterns, give aways  and lot’s more~. So hit that follow button!! Click Click Click~

Fresh Start

I also gonna use my website more in combination with Instagram. So for example I post a picture of a Tsum Tsum I made and on my blog I will post the pattern. I hopefully gonna post blogs every week or every other week, depends on how fast I get used to posting things XD.
There’s also my deviantart page, which I abandoned for so long, I will start posting there again, so if you feel like watching me there (I still think that’s scary stuff tho xD) hit the link now ^^ Click Click Click~

Okay I have rambled enough for today XD

With Love,