♥ Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all an awesome new year, let’s hope amazing things will happen!!

Happy New Year

2016 has been a though year for me, I struggled a lot and found out that I had a burn-out. I start to feel better  finally, so I really hope 2017 is going to get good for me. I have a lot of plans~

This was also the main reason I didn’t update my site. Hopefully I can catch up soon, and get it up-to-date! Cause even I haven’t made a lot of stuff this past year, I still made things. I just can’t sit still, MUST do something. No matter how hard it is XD.

Here are some of my favorite things I made this past year.

My plans for 2017 are probably a bit much, but I will try to make them real. Here are some:
♥ Start making art-dolls and sell them.
♥ Trying to involve my crafts in my drawings or the other way around.
♥ More fantasy related art overall xD.
♥ Figure out how to use Gold Leaf

Have a good year everyone!

With Love,

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