1. Lee

    Hi Danielle,

    I love stopping by your blog and seeing your creativity at play 🙂 I confess, your amigurumis are what grabbed my attention initially (the Mike & Sully tsum tsums I made from your patterns make me smile every time I see them on my shelf), but honestly I get a kick out of seeing anything and everything you make. Your sketches blow me away as do all of your other non-yarny projects 🙂 You are so wonderfully talented.
    Please never feel obliged to post for the sake of posting. It certainly does suck the fun out of what should be a very rewarding and exciting hobby. Once it starts feeling like a chore, it can become a bore and I would hate for you to feel that way.

    Whichever path you decide to take, I look forward to seeing (and being blown away by) your creativity into the future. No matter the form or the timing 😉 Embrace change and recharge your creative sparkles ✨ x

    P.S. Diamond and Luna are the cutest!!

    • Delinlea

      Thank you so much for your words, that means a lot to me!
      I really hope I’ll find my way back into having fun with what I make/create!

      (Luna and Diamond are, right! Love them so much!)

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