♥ Seagon

Hello lovely reader!
Since I absolutly adore dragons, my next art-doll had to be a dragon. A water dragon to be exact. I don’t know why, but I always felt a connection to water. (I even go walking when it rains, I know I’m weird xD).

I started with making the head, without a plan. Decided to go with the flow and see where I would end up. surprisingly enough it turned out so cute already! even it was not even painted yet! After backing the clay in the oven it was time for me to decide what color it should have, blue or green? I chose for blue.


Since I wanted to have scales on his belly, I had to figure out how to do that…I found out that it was quit a challenge to do…
But I think it worked out. the hardest part of the whole art-doll were the flippers >_< OMG where did I got myself in to. I can’t even explane how I did it xD.

Anyway, after I finished him, I fell in love with Seagon. I just can’t let him go, while I planned to sell him. This baby has to stay with me, but I promise I will make more dolls and those will be up for sale!!

SeagonSeagon wants me to go swimming with him!


SeagonWatching over the water, are there more friends in there?!


And now it’s time to say goodbye, see you next time! *waves*

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