♥ Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all an awesome new year, let’s hope amazing things will happen!!

Happy New Year

2016 has been a though year for me, I struggled a lot and found out that I had a burn-out. I start to feel better  finally, so I really hope 2017 is going to get good for me. I have a lot of plans~

This was also the main reason I didn’t update my site. Hopefully I can catch up soon, and get it up-to-date! Cause even I haven’t made a lot of stuff this past year, I still made things. I just can’t sit still, MUST do something. No matter how hard it is XD.

Here are some of my favorite things I made this past year.

My plans for 2017 are probably a bit much, but I will try to make them real. Here are some:
♥ Start making art-dolls and sell them.
♥ Trying to involve my crafts in my drawings or the other way around.
♥ More fantasy related art overall xD.
♥ Figure out how to use Gold Leaf

Have a good year everyone!

With Love,

♥ The Contest Began

Hello lovely readers!

So in November I was looking for new art supplies, when am I not?! Then I bumped in this coloring contest hosted by Goedkoopstehobby.nl. Surprisingly I found out about a contest on time! and not just a few days left or past the deadline already, what happens usually xD. I just knew I had to join.

I printed out the coloring picture for me and my mom (my mom wanted to try too!) and started coloring. I had no clue how I wanted to color the picture, in my eyes the picture was very boring, but in the end that was a good thing cause I could put a lot creativity in.

After hours, days of work I finaly finished my drawing. It might have took longer as I wanted, but in the end I was happy with the result. obvisiously my mom finished it way before me, but decided to scan both at the same time. Sended my drawing in (my mom hers) and waited until the drawings were posted. At this point, I never could imagine how it would go from here.

Creativity Travels Through Time and SpaceThis is my drawing


Some of the drawings got posted earlier as the deadline hasn’t past yet. One of them was mine. I didn’t know what was going on, until I checked my email and got the question “did you color it by hand or digital?” I was confused for a moment but then I saw it as a compliment that they had to ask if it was traditional or digital, so I happily replied that I drew it all by hand and took me so much time. The respond I got at the facebook page where all the drawings were posted…after the host said I drew it by hand… not even normal, I even got called a liar, while I knew I spended so many hours on it. (I couldn’t reply at facebook since I don’t own a facebook page). I was so sad and angry, I couldn’t sleep that night, I kept thinking of ways how to proove I made it with pencil and paint.

The next day I made many pictures of my drawing, in different angles. Also I made some kind of tutorial on how I colored all the different sections. emailed the host again with my story. I got the reply if he could post it on the facebook page with my drawing, and I said yes, Ofcourse. And now I finally got respect for my drawing!

Some of the pictures I made and the tutorial (More picture on my dropbox):

The voting proces has begon. I usually hate votings (bad experience), but here they said they will pick 2 winners themself and 2 based on the voting, so I was okay with that and just wait until the results were out. I had no clue who would win, because I liked several.

I became first!!

I won a 120 pencil case of Faber Castell polychromos!! I am still so happy with them!! I owned polys already, but I draw a lot so they shrink fast xD AND I could give the old ones to my mom, so in a way she won too ^_^. Here’s a drawing I did with my new pencils (I needed some time before I dared to use them. They were to pretty to use~~)

The Reckoning

In the end everything worked out. So I wanna tell you, no matter what happens, NEVER GIVE UP!

With Love,

♥ 1000 Days With M4M

Hello lovely readers!!

Today, 21st of December it’s been 1000 days since China Debut of my favorite group of all times!! (and 1013 days since Korea Debut!!) I can’t believe it’s that long already!!

Okay let me explane a little, since most of you probably don’t even know who they are, their group is called M4M (Mystery Formula). It’s a Chinese boygroup excisting out of Jimmy (Leader), BinBin (Rapper), Vinson (Main Dancer) and Alen (Youngest). Even they are not active now, because of terminating their contract, I still love them.

I’ve been a fan (Formula) since the moment cube released information about a boy group that trained 1400 days secretly~~ [link] I don’t know why, but they had my attention from that moment. And my love for them kept going on. I’m usually getting bored of a group easily, but not with them ^-^

I will show on this post what I made for this 1000 days celebration. (I will keep updating until I finished all, I’m struggling lately with life, so i’m not getting stuff done as fast as I want.)


anyway, here’s the first artwork:

I'll be there, with you, forever

♥ Seagon

Hello lovely reader!
Since I absolutly adore dragons, my next art-doll had to be a dragon. A water dragon to be exact. I don’t know why, but I always felt a connection to water. (I even go walking when it rains, I know I’m weird xD).

I started with making the head, without a plan. Decided to go with the flow and see where I would end up. surprisingly enough it turned out so cute already! even it was not even painted yet! After backing the clay in the oven it was time for me to decide what color it should have, blue or green? I chose for blue.


Since I wanted to have scales on his belly, I had to figure out how to do that…I found out that it was quit a challenge to do…
But I think it worked out. the hardest part of the whole art-doll were the flippers >_< OMG where did I got myself in to. I can’t even explane how I did it xD.

Anyway, after I finished him, I fell in love with Seagon. I just can’t let him go, while I planned to sell him. This baby has to stay with me, but I promise I will make more dolls and those will be up for sale!!

SeagonSeagon wants me to go swimming with him!


SeagonWatching over the water, are there more friends in there?!


And now it’s time to say goodbye, see you next time! *waves*