1. Sxzse

    Does this line ( | ) mean continue the same thing through these rows ?

    Sorry it’s my first time following a pattern 😬

    • Delinlea

      Hi! Yes that’s right, those rows are the same everytime that’s why I use ‘|’ instead of typing the same thing over and over.
      And don’t apologize! You can better ask instead of quitting with Crochet/Amigurumi 😉

    • Delinlea

      ah yeah that sounds maybe a bit confusing, let me try to explain it as clearly as possible for you.
      I also saw that I stated you need to make 5 of ‘part 1, that needs to be 3. (sorry for that, I’ll change it)

      EDIT: You do need 5 ‘part1’ 3 for row3 and 2 for row7!

      Take one of ‘part1’ and crochet 6SC, then Chain5 and continue working on a second ‘part1’ crochet 6SC into that one and Chain5, then take the last ‘part1’and crochet 12SC.
      Then continue to work in the other side of the chains and remaining st of the “parts”. So that means, after the 12SC you made on the last ‘part1’ you crochet 5SC into the chain, 6SC in the second ‘part1’, 5SC in the Chain, and lastly 6SC in the first ‘part1’.

      I hope this made it more clear for you, good luck!

    • Gia

      Thank you so much for posting so lovely free patterns. Unlucky i can’t follow your steps when i am crocheting the hair part. 🙁 especially how to connect the part1 3 times and crochet 5 chains between them. I read your description several times. After that i am confused with this part too : 7: dec, (2SC, dec) 6 times, connect another “part1”, 6sc, connect another “part1”, 6SC. [31]
      The stitches you didn’t use in the previous row, you won’t use anymore either.

      Sorry for sending you such a long message. But i really love your work and already finished the body and skirt part.

      • Delinlea

        Hello Gia!

        First of all, thank you for loving my patterns!
        To make her hair, I will try to get you through it step by step. I hope it will be clear for you.

        Make 5 of the ‘part1’ of the hair, (I made a mistake there at first, sorry for the confusion.

        The last one of the ‘Part1’ you made, you can leave your yarn attached to, on this one we will continue to work on.

        Crochet 6SC as normal, Chain 5, now you need to connect the second ‘part1’, you do this by just crocheting a SC into that part, crochet 6sc total on the second part. Again Chain5, and connect the third ‘part1’, same as before, with an SC, Crochet 12SC total on the third ‘part1’.
        Now you are back at the Chain part from before, crochet 5SC into those. 6SC on the remaining st of the second ‘part1’. Again, crochet 5SC in the chain part, and the last 6SC on the remaining st at the first ‘part1’.
        You completed row3 now, you should be back at where you started to row.

        For row 7 you need to 2 remaining ‘part1’.
        The row says: dec, (2SC, dec) 6 times, connect another “part1”, 6sc, connect another “part1”, 6SC. [31]
        When it says “connect another ‘part1′” you do this the same as row 3, by using an SC in the new part.
        The row seems disconnected now, but you continue row8 in the first dec of row7.

        You’ll notice that when completing row7 and moving on to row8, you didn’t use a bunch of stitches. Those you won’t use anymore.

        I hope it is more clear now and that you will be able to complete Snow White!
        If not, please send me a message again.


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