• Delinlea

      Hi!! I’m glad you love the pattern!
      And, oops, I forgot to write down the tail *hides, I’ll gonna add it now! I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

  1. Nicole

    Hello. I am trying to do this pattern but when I am making the body. The back pattern seems to shift and does not align right with the eyes. Do you have a video or explain how you managed to create the body without the design shifting.
    Thank you

    • Delinlea

      Hi! I’m so sorry for my late reply.
      It tend to happen to me slightly as well.
      What can help is to grap your yarn differently, like if you always do yarn over, yarn over, try to do yarn under, yarn over instead.
      You can also look up tapestry crochet tips on making it as straight as possible.
      I hope this help you out. Good Luck!

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